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The 4 Knows of Cannabis – OSCPA talk February 21st, 2020

Interesting in learning more about cannabis accounting? Katye will be doing a free, one credit talk on February 21st from 7:30 to 8:30 am. Join in person or via webcast to hear about the four things you should consider before taking on cannabis. Please note, this is for OSCPA (Oregon Society of Certified Public Accountants) […]

CPA Trendlines article: Integrity Wins in Cannabis Accounting

Businesses that are getting interested in being involved in cannabis are becoming more robust and are more educated themselves; I have a self-created two-hour initial consultation that every single cannabis and hemp client I potentially engage with goes through in my office. And that is my accounting bad-ass coming to Jesus conversation. It’s me interviewing […]

Podcast: “Educating CPAs and Clients About Cannabis”

Katye Maxson-Landis is the cannabis accountant’s CPA. She is transparent about her entry into the industry, what she’s learned since she first started taking on cannabis clients and passionate about helping other CPAs get up to speed. Based in Portland, Oregon, Maxson-Landis is the founder and owner of Moxy Accounting and if you’re thinking about […]

Hear Katye’s interview on CPA Trendline’s podcast

Writer Liz Gold from CPA Trendlines interviews CPA Katye Maxson-Landis about common painpoints in accounting practices for the Cannabis Industry. 45 minutes of helpful tips for cannabis industry professionals, or for CPA providing accounting services to Cannabis producers, retailers, or other businesses.