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Portland, Oregon accounting firm providing bookkeeping services for small- and medium-sized businesses.


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We want to empower clients to know their books and be involved in their bookkeeping. You may feel the same way or you may want someone else to handle it all. With that in mind, we offer a variety of bookkeeping services:

Full Monthly Bookkeeping – monthly or quarterly entry, reconciliation and review of your books. Please note, this does not include payroll processing services.

Shared Management – You enter your monthly transactions and we do monthly or quarterly review to help you stay on track. This gives you help when you need it and the confidence to know your books are in order while keeping your bill low.

Clean-up Services – Has it been a while since you’ve organized bookkeeping? Maybe never? We can help you get set up, enter all back financial information and get best practices in place.

Bookkeeping Training – If you have someone in your existing business who needs a bit of extra training or review of your processes, we can take a look at where you are and make suggestions or provide appropriate training to your employee.

Chart of Account creation and industry specific accounting set-up – With our tax knowledge as CPA’s, let us develop a chart of accounts that will directly translate your bookkeeping to your tax return clearly and efficiently.

Real Estate and Law Offices – If you deal in trust accounting, we can help you set up your books with best practices for Accounts Receivable and your trust accounts.

1099’s – Are you confused about how to issue 1099’s or are wondering if it’s even something you need to do? With updated bookkeeping and W-9’s, we can quantify and issue all 1099’s for your business. We’ll send you a packet of client copies and red copies for you to approve, sign and send off to the IRS.

Cannabis Business Bookkeeping

We provide bookkeeping for cannabis farms and dispensaries, including tailored chart of accounts setups that help split out the expenses that will lead to tax deductions, and keeping you compliant with MAPS-banking rules. Learn More »