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Consulting and CPA Services for Cannabis Producers, Businesses, and Retailers.

Professional CPA guidance for Cannabis and Hemp Businesses:

Get headed the right way with the Moxy Roadmap:

All new cannabis related businesses who engage with Moxy Accounting begin with an initial consultation. A 1.5 to 2 hour meeting of all players in your business, (i.e. partners, lawyers, investors, lead grower, bookkeeper,etc.) so that everyone is on the same page related to taxes. This meeting will evaluate where your business stands in terms of bookkeeping and tax. Bring all your questions and concerns to the table and leave with a roadmap for solutions and next steps.

Accounting Consulting for Tax Professionals and Accounting Firms:

Cannabis is a new and complex industry, and often an area where a CPA would feel uncertain. Katye can provide the knowledge and specific experience to help you onboard a client or resolve a specific subject-matter issue. Katye can also provide a turn-key initial consultation that will help you assess risks and provide the assurance to go forward with the proper information for successful client engagements. Get in touch to Learn More »

Get professional guidance to help you build your business:

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CPA and Accounting Services for Cannabis Businesses

Moxy Accounting can help you get everything in order, compliant with 280E filing requirements, and running smoothly.

Tax Preparation for 280E Businesses

Federal 280e compliant tax filings for Cannabis and Hemp businesses. »

Cannabis Bookkeeping Services

Empower yourself to take the reins, or let us handle it; we can facilitate both. »

Entity Formation Guidance for Cannabis Businesses

Choose  the right business-structure for a Cannabis business »