Professional Education for Accountants

We are seeking to provide cannabis businesses across our country with the informed, qualified, tax professionals they deserve. Join Katye in building a network of professionals skilled at practicing accounting for the cannabis industry with integrity.

Professional Education

We’re excited to announce that as one of the most experienced accounting firms in the cannabis industry, we are developing CPE courses to share what we have learned in the past seven years with other tax professionals. With a growing number of states legalizing recreational use of marijuana, tax preparers across the country are finding themselves open to a niche market that requires unique, specific training and nuanced professional skepticism. Our goal is to help tax professionals learn about the pitfalls and benefits of working with the cannabis industry and giving comprehensive accounting training for the complexities of taxation with 280E.

Accounting Consulting for Tax Professionals

Moxy Accounting provides consulting and turn-key training services to help  CPAs navigate a complex and evolving industry. Learn more »

Learn more about our tax trainings and CPE offerings:

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Katye was a featured presenter at the Los Angeles Accounting and Finance Conference; July, 2018

Industry Education: Workshops, Presentations and Talks

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Previous Speaking and Education Engagements:

  • Nov, 2019: New York: Panel speaker at the NYSSCPA’s 2019 Cannabis Conference
  • Oct, 2019: Interviewed on the “Build your own Firm” podcast
  • July 2018: Los Angeles: Presenter at Accounting and Finance Conference