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A women-run firm with the moxy to manage any accounting circumstance with precision and tenacity.

Portland, Oregon Small- and Medium-Sized Business Accounting Firm

At Moxy Accounting, we believe understanding accounting is empowering.

We bet you’ve always thought that accountants were stodgy bean-counters who really love numbers and order. Okay, that might actually be true, but accountants are so much more than that!

For instance, have you ever received a letter from the IRS, which you never opened because you were too scared? Ever looked at your business bank account and felt overwhelmed…like closing up shop was simpler than balancing the checkbook? Have you been wondering if your business structure is serving you? With our accounting superpowers, we help you get your business in order, minimize your tax burden and give you a clear picture of your finances.

We rip open IRS notices with glee, and delight in transforming numbers into meaningful business information so you can make smart decisions.

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Katye Maxson Landis
Owner and CPA

Portland, Oregon Small- and Medium-Sized Business Accountant

Katye received her Certified Public Accountant (CPA) credential in 2011, after working in the salt mines of public accounting for seven years as an auditor and staff accountant. Prior to that, she worked as a bookkeeper and business administrator for thirteen years. Katye’s greatest strengths are her experience and perspective; she can relate not only to her clients’ managerial challenges, but also to those of their staff on the front lines and back rooms of retail and bookkeeping. Katye’s clients and colleagues appreciate her blend of humorous irreverence, professional inquisitiveness, and intellectual skepticism for just about everything. Both inside and outside of the office, Katye is a co-parent, spouse, educator, mentor, ally, advisor, and friend.

A champion of fiscal literacy and best practices for the cannabis industry, she brings over twenty years of experience in accounting, bookkeeping, and administrative solutions for small businesses with a variety of structures. She has led workshops hosted by the National Accounting and Finance Show, Oregon and Washington State Society of CPAs, and the Western CPE in Montana. Equally comfortable in person with large or small groups or using the latest technologies, Katye has also participated in numerous podcasts, webinars, distance learning modules, fireside chats, and teleconference meetings for industry interest groups. Katye is a contributing member of AICPA’s Cannabis Advisory Board, leads a 7 week cannabis tax course, The Moxy Cohort, and qualifies as a NASBA CPE sponsor in her own right.

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Meet the Team

Our goal is to help you confidently continue doing the things you’re passionate about — we’ll deal with the pesky accounting. (We secretly love it!)

Douglas Wright


The latest addition to the Moxy team has broken our historic all female lineup. We certainly don’t hold it against him and he’s totally worth it. Doug is our bookkeeper by day, and a corporate accounting student by night.  He’s done many interesting things: hiked the Appalachian Trail, learned to play the accordion and helped launch one of the first licensed cannabis companies on the east coast.  His current passions include paperless organization, adjusted journal entries, running, and gardening.

Megan Parrish

Education & Business Development Coordinator

Megan joined the Moxy team in the winter of 2017. She has worn many hats in the firm: administrative guru, client manager, bookkeeper and bookkeeping coach. Now she’s part architect, part coordinator for all the exciting things to come with The Moxy Accountant. A graduate of Portland State University, she finds joy in advancing her knowledge of accounting and writing snarky things on sticky notes. When not multitasking at Moxy, she is hanging out with her husband and young daughter, knitting, gardening, hiking trails, climbing mountains or riding her bike to the next beer stop.

Kayleigh Dinofrio

A/R Specialist & Administrative Assistant

Kayleigh joined the Moxy team in October 2019. It is likely to be Kayleigh’s lovely face who will first greet you when you stop into the office. A native to the midwest, she has a degree in Social Work and loves exploring the outdoors in the Pacific Northwest. You can find her having extravagant picnics whilst throwing wine vocabulary around with confidence. Such a lovely mouthfeel on this effervescent red blend!

Memberships & Affiliations

American Institute of CPAs

We are members of the AICPA: the world’s largest member association representing the accounting profession.

Oregon Society of CPAs

We are members of the OSCPA: Oregon’s accounting-industry member association.


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