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Portland, Oregon CPA providing tax prep services and tax resolution filings for small- and medium-sized hemp and 280E cannabis businesses.

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Moxy Accounting prepares cannabis business tax returns for:

Moxy Accounting provides tax preparation, education and consulting for cannabis businesses subject to 280E at the federal level. We have been helping cannabis businesses navigate the ever-changing complexities of this growing industry since 2001, and believe in this important work. As a federally illegal industry, and a highly regulated activity within many states, every cannabis business-person must know a lot about their regulatory requirements. When it comes to taxes, we understand these nuances and are committed to helping you make the most strategic decisions possible while still keeping you compliant with the law.

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All new cannabis related businesses who engage with Moxy Accounting begin with an initial consultation. A 1.5 to 2 hour meeting of all players in your business, (i.e. partners, lawyers, investors, lead grower, bookkeeper,etc.) so that everyone is on the same page related to taxes. This meeting will evaluate where your business stands in terms of bookkeeping and tax. Bring all your questions and concerns to the table and leave with a roadmap for solutions and next steps.

Please Note: We are no longer accepting new clients for individual tax returns at this time.

Tax Resolution:

If you haven’t filed a tax return in some years, we can help. We have relationships with attorneys that allow us to get you current and compliant so you can make headway in solving tax issues.

If we can take care of the situation ourselves, we do but we prefer to partner with the right team to make sure things have the best possible outcome.

We find satisfaction in helping transform a scary head-in-the-sand type situation to a well-oiled machine that is prepared and ready to file tax returns and get you caught up.

Get accounting expertise for "Cannabis-adjacent" businesses

We also work with cannabis adjacent companies – businesses that provide goods or services to the cannabis-industry, but are not themselves subject to 280E reporting. We have the nuanced knowledge of the industry to give you quality advice.